How I lost 10kgs in 5 Weeks

Hey Guys,

After going to India and having an amazing health and weight loss journey I have decided to share with you my journey after juicing and my new fitness buzz. I have set myself a goal after Barbados. I have never felt so good in my whole life.

I started at 74kgs, which for me is way too heavy. Having been to India and coming back ahead of Barbados I was in the gym religiously everyday and loving it. Before Barbados I lost over 10kgs in total.

I am just going to talk you through my journey a little and how I got started. But my top tips are:

  • Food

Healthy eating has been key for me. I used to have no willpower when it came to cheat meals and days. I would just treat myself whenever I wanted as long as I went to the gym. No. I have 1 cheat day a week, usually on a weekend if I go out for drinks or something the next day I will have little cheat meal or 2. If I go out for drinks or dinner I will always make sure I have been to the gym and worked out properly, this way I don’t feel guilty about that extra Rum & Ginger.

  • Water

Lots and lots of water. Water is a key part of weight loss and all around health. As well as water I drink green tea throughout the day! Great for weight loss.

  • Gym

Get moving! Build muscle and burn fat! The gym also releases happy endorphins which make you feel good! It takes only 21 days to make something a habit! So get started!

  • Goals

Set a time frame and a realistic goal. Put a body goals photo on your mirror or a motivational quote to keep you on track! I promise there is nothing more exciting than when you start to see results and definition, trust me! You will feel amazing.

Have a look below at my photo timeline starting when I went to India. I will be keeping a food diary and workout diary and will be updating you monthly on my progress.

Before (India 2018)


After India 2018


I then set a goal and went flat out for the 3 weeks before Barbados! I then go down to 65.3kgs!!! Now that I’m back I’m at 66.9kgs which is not to bad considering I drank a lot of rum and treated myself to yummy food! I’m back home now and I am excited to continue to working my way to the peak of my physical fitness and health.



When I started seeing definition in my abs I got really excited and it made me want to keep going. It is never too late to get on track! I promise you if you work hard, eat well and stay consistent you will feel amazing! As I said I have never felt better and happier in myself, ever! I am determined to keep going and help anyone else. So keep an eye out on my instagram for workouts and meals and I will be updating this post in 1 month with progress, workouts and recipes!

Excuse the messy selfies but I take one everyday to go into my diary, regardless of the horrible mess in my room! Sorry!

Sersh X


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