Netflix Must See TV Shows

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I’m back again with my updated list of Netflix must see TV shows now.

Manhunt: Unabomber

Based on a true story about the Unabomber. The Unabomber sent bombs in parcel for to people over a period of 17 years.  Jim Fitzgerald, a linguistics expert is put on the case to catch the Unabomber. Put into 8 gripping hour long episodes this has been a favourite of mine.

The Sinner

Starring Jessica Biel this show starts with a normal working class family going to the beach for a day when Cora (Jessica Biel) is consumed with rage and stabs a man to death in-front of everyone on the beach. We see through her trial and find out why she really stabbed this man on the beach.

Grace & Frankie

Hilarious comedy about 2 women who’s husbands leave them because they are gay and want to be together. The 25 minute episodes follow how the ladies cope with life, living together in a San Diego beach house. Cannot recommend enough. So funny.


FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench come up with a new way of catching killers and murders by getting inside their minds. This is where we get behavioural analysis, a way off catching murderers and serial killers based in their behaviour. Very good and intense from early episode 1.

The Killing

Originally a Scandinavian book and then show which was then made into an American show. When a young girl goes missing in Seattle, detective Sarah Linden is out on the case and becomes very intensely involved in solving the case alongside her partner Stephen Holder. Each episode covers a 24 hour period, and each keeps you wanting more.

Enjoy watching!

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