10 Things You Should Know About ME


I hate Peanut butter, basically anything to do with Peanuts! So much so I tell people I am allergic


I am allergic to Penicillin & Persil


My Favorite Holiday Destination is Barbados with my family & friends


 I was a dog for a time when I was younger I wanted a dog so bad, I was dog and I won and got Simba my first little Andrex puppy! I WIN!


I was a big tomboy when I was younger until I went to boarding school and discovered GHDs and make up, but still more of a tomboy than a girly girl.


 My favorite food is either spaghetti Bolognese or Pizza. When I was kid I was the Spaghetti champion! I loved it.


I’m a leftie and proud


 I am terrified of spiders! Like cannot deal even see them. Once there was a spider in the bathroom, I was so scared I left the shower running for over an hour because I was too scared to go back in!


My birthday is the 12 November 1990 (Scorpio)


My music guilty pleasure has got to be Justin Bieber and One Direction specially in my car! 😀

Sersh Xx

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