My Airplane Essentials

For my flight to Barbados, I’ll have been on the plane for the equivalent of a full workday. So here are the things I need in my tote when travelling.

Water & Snacks

When on the plane I tend to get super dehydrated and also when I get to Barbados the weather is so hot I need to stay hydrated to acclimatize. Snacks.. well I love the sesame pretzels and the popcorn from pret so I bring those on board to snack on while watching movies.

Jumper & Socks

It’s simple planes get cold and when not moving for a while I get cold so I like to have a jumper and some socks to keep me cozy and comfortable.

Beauty Bag

I bring a little bag with some cleanser and moisturizer in it as when I fly for that long I like to clean my face. As this time when I land, I go straight to my friends wedding so I want to have a clean canvas for my make up.

Make Up

I do put on a little BB cream when I land, brush through my brows, little mascara and some lip-balm. Super natural is the way to go! I went directly to a wedding from the airport, as it’s a Caribbean wedding I did a very natural Lauren Conrad style make up of a soft golden smokey eye. I had never applied strip lashes in a Virgin Airplane bathroom but it was fine.

Change Of Clothes

Leaving London at well…. London weather, freezing and landing in stunning Barbados I always have a pair of cut off shirts to change into as standing in immigration for up to an hour in 30 degree weather is less the pleasant.

Headphones & Passport

Both as important as each-other in my eyes. I can’t bear the free headphones they give out on the plane, and this year I treated myself to new baby pink Sony headphones! And well without a passport I’m not going anywhere am I?

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