Eating In Stockholm

The food in Stockholm is very very good. I had what was the best steak I have every eaten in my entire life at a cool restaurant called Vassa Eggen.


Myself, Judy and Fergal shared a T-Bone steak between 3 of us! It was huge and could have fed 4 people including all the side and rich yummy sauces.


Sorry the photo I got of the steak is not great as it’s one of those really cool dark cocktail bar/ Steak house places. And we were all dying to tuck in.

Price wise it was expensive but once we saw the food it was actually reasonable. £125 for the T-Bone with 5 sides, which we could not finish may I add. I woke up not even wanting brekkie the next morning.

The other notable place we ate was called Vigarda, which is a burger bar. A fast food style place but as I would have expected from the Swedish its very sophisticated and upmarket. Very simple just burgers and fries done to perfection and this will no break the bank.


Myself and Fergal had a cheese and bacon burger and Judy had the Vegan bean burger and my god was it delicious! Perfect chips & lovely signature sauces. Make sure if your in Stockholm you eat at Vigarda.

Sersh Xx

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