New: Cleaning Your False Lashes At Home

Hey Guys,

Today I’m going to try and save you some money by showing you how to clean your false lashes to get more time out of them, therefore not buying so many!

To be honest I was not a great one for cleaning my lashes as I didn’t really wear them so I would wear them 2-3 times and bin them. I know not very cost effective. So here is how I clean my lashes to get more use out of them and save me money on buying new ones for every event.

What You Need:

  • Johnson Baby Oil
  • 4 Cotton Buds/Q Tips
  • Cotton Pad/Tissue
  • Flat Blade Tweezers

To clean the flat lash line, take your sharp & flat tweezers to carefully pull of the remaining glue. I use DUO glue which comes off very easily. Be very gentle when doing this of course you don’t want to ruin the lashes.

Once you have removed all of the glue, place the lashes flat on a tissue or cotton pad.

With a cotton bud or Q tip dipped in baby oil, lightly roll off the remaining make up. Make sure the cotton is not too oily also. Roll outwards with the Q tip until it no longer comes out black.

Once you have cleaned your lashes properly and they look good as new, put them back in their box. You can now re-use these lashes for up to 6 weeks, making sure to clean them properly after each use.

Sersh x

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