Long Weekend In Sussex

This long weekend I went to my friend Lilys House in West Sussex with another friend India. Lily lives on a  beautiful estate just outside Petersfield.

So I hopped in India’s car to road trip down on Friday evening, prosecco in tow and just excited to hang out with the girls. Chat, drink prosecco and laugh. And that we did. Along with beautiful food.

On Saturday we had a lovely slow morning and prepared a lovely fresh Seabass and veggies for lunch, and headed off on a long scenic walk as the sun came out.

Saturday Night we sat out in the last of the sun. Lily’s parents Nigel and Daphne had lit the fire pit on the patio on which we barbaqued steaks and sat around the fire singing. It was such great fun.

Having had quite a bit to drink, Sunday was a rainy and realxed day. We watched 2 Lord of The Rings movies ate popcorn. We then went to see baby partridges hatching! It was Devine.

After the hatching we came back to the house and watched another Lord Of The Rings movie and had fried chicken wings, salad and popcorn! It was a perfect hangover Sunday. After the movies we headed to bed, I on the other hand treated myself to a hot bubble bath in the blissful huge bath in my room.

Monday was like a retake of Sunday without the hangover. Slow morning to start, read my book for a little before getting showered and dressed. Nigel took us on a great long walk to their local pub across their land which was just what we needed to build a proper hunger for the super yummy roast beef lunch Daphne had prepared us. As I sit here on the sofa watching Cool Runnings succoming to my food coma, Lily starts to make chocolate chip cookies! 😍

But all good things must come to an end and so after finishing our movie we packed up the car and headed back to London. What a perfect weekend it was.

Sersh Xx

Originally posted 2017-04-02 17:30:40.

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