My Evening Routine Before Bed

A nice relaxing and prepared evening is key to a great next day. So here’s how I get ready for bed to have a great nights sleep and a great day!

Early Supper 

I know it’s not always that easy to eat supper early but eating your supper before 8pm is very important to having a good night sleep. Give your body time to digest and start to wind down.

Chamomile Tea

 As I sit on my bed sipping my chamomile tea winding down getting myself ready for tomorrow. 


 Washing your face before bed is so important because that’s when your skin gets a chance to breathe. I use a Nivea face-wipe to get the worst of my make up off, I then use my Nivea foaming cleanser with warm water, apply a generous amount of cream cleanser and remove with cotton pads and then to finish I use my Garnier complete beauty Firming anti wrinkle cream.. My skin loves it!


Now as I have mentioned before I am religious with my teeth. It is so important to keep your teeth healthy and clean and obviously we want our teeth nice and pearly white. So click here to see my dental routine for white teeth at home.


Most of you probably do this anyway, but in prep I mean get your outfit for tomorrow ready to save you time in the morning faffing around trying to decide what to wear.

Sersh Xx

Originally posted 2017-03-17 12:30:43.


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