My Heritage Stockholm

Most of you may not know I am part Swedish on my mothers side and I am ashamed to say I have reached the age of 26 and not been to Sweden. So I made a trip with my aunt and my cousin early December. I have a lot of amazing family history in Sweden.

Although it was absolutely baltic in Stockholm we did as much as we could. Little family history, my great great grandfather, Gunnar Wennerberg. He was a singer, songwriter, poet, member of parliament in Sweden. I am in the process of learning so much more of my Swedish heritage. So here I we went to see the statue of my great great grandfather in the middle of Stockholm.


And below he is also on the side of the parliament building in Stockholm!


This is just my little heritage post on Sweden, I wanted to show you guys the statue as I think it’s just so cool!

Sersh Xx

Originally posted 2016-12-09 19:01:45.

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