5 Day Juice Cleanse & Weight Loss Diary

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So this January I went to a health/yoga retreat type thing in Goa with my brother and I have been keeping a diary of what I get up to everyday and my progress in Yoga and weight loss. I kept a day to day diary of my juice cleanse for 5 days and then I followed that with a weight loss/management for 5 days.

My 5 day juice cleanse started on Thursday 11th Jan.

Day 1 

So I arrived at 5am local time to the villa and had to have a sleep, which I did until 12pm and went to reception for my intro consultation which was a talk on how the juicing process would work. The. I went to have my first juice and wheatgrass shot. After travelling over 14 hours I have to say a juice was the last thing wanted but I guess I had to go in at the deep end. I then went down to the beach and lay out for about an hour and had a, little kip while Davitt had a class. I had no treatments on day 1 just the intro and of course my juices. 

Day 2

Having slept terribly, I mean 3 hours maybe 3 and a half so I that did not help along with no solid food, coffee or anything. Today was a bit of a struggle I have to say but I just had to get on with it. I didn’t do the 8am yoga as I just had no energy. I had a lymphatic drainage massage at 4pm. One of the cool things about when doing a program at The Beach House you get a treatment every day! Now day 2 for me was hard, I started getting really bad head aches from the detox and the lack of caffeine.

Day 3

This was the real struggle actually. I had been warned about day 3 being the hardest. My headaches were next level and of course Neurofen was not allowed so I had to drink loads of water and just power on. My energy levels where at an all time low. I was really felling the lack of caffeine and sugar and felt dizzy and faint for most of the day. I did no Yoga and just rested and read my book. I was even pushing away my juices and felt sick every time I sipped one.

Day 4

Here I sit in the gorgeous reception area having come out the other end of the crappy, low energy feeling and headaches and I am starting to really feel a lot more energy. I did get up for Yoga this morning though I have pulled out my lower back so sat out the morning session and was a little late so I could not join late. I read my book and had my morning juice and then sunbathed for over an hour. I then had a lovely massage, showered and sat an worked on my content and notes for my GOA posts.

Day 5

LAST DAY!! woohoo! I have to say I feel amazing but I was very looking forward to having more flavours in my diet. As of the end of day 5 I would move on to a weight loss program for another 5 days. I never thought I would be able to do a 5 day juice cleanse, specially when joining my brother and his friends when they went to supper but I just had mint tea and got on with it. 

Onto The Next Program! Keep and eye out for my diary on that coming this Friday! In that one I will reveal my before and after shots and tell you my weight loss over the 10days!

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  • I was under the watchful eye of professional Nutritionists and Doctors. I do not recommend doing this before consulting a doctor or nutritionist.

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