5 Day Weight Loss Program Diary & Results

Hey Guys!

So I have finished my juice cleanse! Have a read of my Juice Cleanse Diary if you have not already! Now on to my weight loss program.

Day 1

So I got through the juice cleanse which I did not think I would be able to do. I have never done or even tried anything like that. I’m delighted. The weight Loss program was much the same meal wise. I got fruit smoothies in the morning and then salad for lunch I was delighted with that, just to be able chew again and have some flavour. I did have to continue with my Enemas daily, but only once. I know horrible but actually, I feel amazing after it.

Day 2

Feeling amazing just having that 1 salad a day makes all the difference though I did have 2 eggs in the cafe next door in the morning to treat myself for doing the full juice cleanse and not breaking it. And I had my first PT session in the heat. OUCH is all I can say! working out in that heat outside is so hard.

Day 3

Today was a yoga day so no working out in the sound but I did go to 8am yoga, it was quite difficult for me as I was very stiff from my workout and I have been suffering with a bad shoulder and lower back. Got through and delighted I did. The rest of the day I lay in the sun and had a coconut detox scrub treatment. They used Ayurvedic Indian spices and herbs with a little oil and massaged it over me for an hour. Amazingly exfoliated and less cellulite afterwards.

Day 4

Feeling amazing, I have been getting more smoothie type meals which are much tastier than the juices cleanse menu. I had my workout today at 5pm and oh my gosh it was so hard! The temperature was 34degrees out and the trainer did not go easy. I am starting to feel excited to have a veggie curry from one of the many yummy restaurants along the beach.

Day 5

LAST DAY! I feel on top of the world! I am feeling all around much lighter and happier in myself. Between the detoxing, exercise and me time on the beach this has been the best move for me to come here. I am so happy my brother convinced me to come and I am so much more confident in myself and my body.


So below you’ll see inserted my before on the left and my after on the right! These photos were what really got me jumping for joy! Seeing myself in the mirror everyday wasn’t showing my much of a difference, for obvious reasons. Then I put them next to each other and well.. weighed in at 74.3kg and weighed out at 70.5!!! At the beginning I thought, ‘I fasted for 10 days and Thays all I lost!’ My doctor was quick to show me I had gained a lot of muscle mass over that time. Cellulite has always been my most hated part of me and simply could never shift it, well look below! Lots of it has gone!

I am keeping a post India diary of my workouts, food & supplements to share with you and I will be keeping photos of my progress also to share with everyone! I know everyone’s body is different but if I can help as many people feel as amazing about themselves and their bodies as I do right now I will keep no secrets!


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