Best Hayfever Cures Out There This Summer

Happy Tuesday Guys,

It’s that time of the year again, for those who suffer with hayfever will understand when I say IT’S THE WORST! Dry & Itchy eyes, Runny nose and uncontrollable sneezing and itchy throat to name but a few symptoms! I am here to share the best hayfever cure. So here’s what I do to try and keep my hayfever at bay.

A. Vogel Eye Drops

These babies are great! I hate doing eye drops but seriously they are brilliant, 1 drop per eye when they’re really itchy and 5 minutes later…GONE! No more irritated eyes. I bought them in Boots but can’t be found on the website.

Retail: €13.60

Prevalin Allergy Plus Nasal Spray

Again not the most pleasant thing to do but I promise 5 minutes after the nasal spray the itchin tends to ease up and stop also.(depending on the pollen count that day).

Retail: €14.99


Now the tablet you really want to taking them before bed and first thing in the morning and try & make a routine of it to keep your symptoms at bay.

Retail: £6.99

Sudafed Decongestant Tablets

On a bad pollen day I would be blowing my nose every 2-3 minutes. I know what a bore and i know a lot of you are the same. These tablets are great with helping to push out the congestion and constant runny nose.

Retail: 6.49

Haymax Aloe Vera Organic Salve

As we may know the pollen get you by you breathing it in through your nostrils and therefore a horribly itchy nose and sneezing. Rub this on and around you nostrils to catch that pollen from getting in there.

Retail: €8.99

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is an antioxidant with anti histamine effects and contains flavonoids which help with nasal strength helping your nose to keep the pollen out your blood stream! No Link for this you can buy it any supermarket or grocery store.


Showering when your symptoms are very bad is key. Your clothes and hair will have pollen all over them o a bad day and you are surrounded by it just inhalling it all day. Have a quck shower where you can see the result begin to fade.

I hope this is helpful for you hayfever sufferers, it gets me by.

Sersh x

*This is not a sponsored post. Just trying to help other hay fever victims out there. Pink Headings are links to shop.

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