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Happy Thursday Guys!

A bit later than I said it would be but I am back with a general health and body update.

Being back at work has made it a bit more difficult to be at the gym religiously everyday, and I know people do it, but I find life just gets in the way sometimes. We are all guilty of skipping the gym after working on a Monday after a busy weekend. I have no shame in that, I am human after all. And so today I’ll be sharing my body timeline from Jan 2018 to yesterday basically and how I manage to not let go too much.

I am very much talking about staying on track with my weight, fitness and all over health and loving my body. This is not about getting crazy about looking Like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. It’s about enjoying your fitness and eating yummy food that helps you feel good! And this is my advice on how to stay on track and enjoy life! Don’t deprive yourselves of anything, everything in moderation.

January I weighed in at 75 kgs before my juice cleanse, post xmas and all that and before Barbados I weighed in at 65kgs. I am now at 67.8kgs which a little more the opposite direction I wanted to go. If you haven’t already read my post on my juice cleanse in india click here for a read, and after that I went on a 5 day weight management course. Click Here to read all about that.

Food Prep

Prepping my own lunch for work is a must, plan your healthy meals & make them for work. This saves the lunchtime panini craving…most days..with crisps & chocolate? No meal deals around here! Yes the odd day I’ll treat myself to an O’Brians toasted sambo! TREAT being the focus word there. I eat a lot of veg, roasted and then quickly fired off with Siracha. I would then grill a chicken breast or make a salad to mix it into. I will be sharing more recipes on here for you guys also, sorry I had dropped the ball on cooking and shooting recipes. I’ll be starting to share more lunch box style lunch recipes starting next week.

Water + Green tea

Water and Green tea are you best friends when trying to stay healthy, keep detoxed & keep weight off. I drink about 2 cups of green tea a day and try about 2-3 x 500ml bottles of water. Try to avoid fizzy drinks and alcohol where not needed. I know you are all thinking, coming from you!!?? Yes I have been boozing a lot but have not been drinking at all during the week and try not to drink if I am not at an event. During the week I focus on drinking a lot of water and herbal teas. But the main thing to healthy skin & body is to stay hydrated, and it helps shift any extra weight you may want to rid yourself of.


Keep moving! I have been getting stuck back into Polo this season which I am loving every second of it! Polo is a full body workout, Cardio and Strength I also try to get to this gym after work or do 100 x Crunches, 100 x Squats, 60 Second Plank & 60 Side Drop Planks before bed to keep my definition and strength. Staying active is so key to keeping healthy and pairing it with a good diet, high in protein and lots of greens.

Just a brief little catch up on my realistic way of staying relatively in shape and keeping the weight off. Below is a timeline from before my Juicing in India and this morning.

Sersh x

Jan 2018 (pre Juice Cleanse)

Jan 2018 (post juice cleanse)

Feb 2018 (Barbados)

March 2018 (Just After Barbados)

June 2018 (Yesterday)

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The tips and diets style may suit everyone. And advise you follow these as long as you are not feeling ill or faint, if so please stop. I do not want to responsible for causing any illness or fainting.


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    Keep sharing, stay motivated…

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      June 29, 2018 / 8:51 am

      Thank you very much! Trying to yes.

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