King Power Gold Cup Final 2018 Weekend

Hey Guys,

So I am home and almost recovered from another incredible Gold Cup final weekend in Cowdray Park Polo Club. Having had such a great time last year a decided I had to go again this year. Last year was a grey rainy overcast day, having said that I didn’t stop us form having a great time. This year we had the sun on our side and boy what a day.

My weekend kicked off flying into Gatwick at about 9:40pm, which left me little time to get dressed for the Black & Gold official King Power Gold Cup Party. I then rushed out and changed into my outfit in Gatwick. (I didn’t get as photo of the outfit on the night but I will be shooting it next week so you can see it and shop it then). My taxi man very annoyingly was 30 minutes late which got me to the party at 11:30pm. I was not happy about that but had a blast once I got there and had a drink.

On Saturday we had a rather interesting day. One of the horses was very sick so we spent the day in the field awaiting the vet and eventually had to take it to the Equine Clinic for surgery. But she is recovering well now. That evening George, a friend had his birthday party at a pub called the Duke Of Cumberland. The food was next level! Lovely evening sitting out having a few cocktails and food and in bed by 12:30 ahead of Sunday, the final.

Now, to the main event. THE KINGPOWER GOLD CUP FINAL. On a beautiful sunny hot Sunday afternoon in Cowdray Park Polo Club where El Romanso took on La Bamba de Areco for the British Open Polo Final. It was a very close amazing game of polo. El Romanso took home the cup after beating La Bamba de Areco 13 – 12! Only 1 goal in it.

El Romanso Team

Charlie Hanbury

Ollie Cudmore

James Beim

James Harper

La Bamba de Areco

Byron Watson

Polito Pieres

Juan Martin Nero

Jean- Francois Decaux

Myself, Camilla and Paige were on picnic duty and boy did we go all out! We had the most amazing spread as there were 15 others in the Apes Hill Tent so we did not go hungry, nor did we go thirsty.

All in all it was great weekend and looking forward to next year already.

Sersh x

2018 King Power Gold Cup Winners – El Romanso

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