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Hey Guys,

Today’s post is look back on a great day I had last Sunday at Blogger Brunch in House on Leeson street. I’ll be talking about how the day went and what I learned form top Blogger Sarah Hanrahan, ( On arrival we were met by the lovely Sabrina of Sabrina’s Style Blog, who did the most amazing job organising such a great day! We were served the most delicious Mimosas and started to mingle. Some of the bloggers I already followed and some I discovered on the day. For me to was such a great day to break back into the Dublin scene as I started and created my blog in London. I could be here all day telling about all the amazing girls and guys I met.

For those reading this thinking what the heck is a blogger brunch. A blogger brunch is a basically an event to bring together bloggers and content creators to network & collaborate. Basically we have way better ways of networking than other industries! 🙂

Aside from making some really great new lifelong friends the highlight of the day was the Q&A with Sarah Hanrahan of! Here are few things a learned from the Q&A.

Don’t Forget Who You are

Sarah made the very good point of stressing that bloggers don’t have to say yes to every brand that approaches them. I know when I started and would have companies approach me to send me things in return for content. And I would get so excited and say yes and receive products that were crap in quality and did not reflect the quality of the brand I was trying to build with myself. Stay true to who you are and your goals for you as an influencer and brand.

Consistency Is Key

Sarah also spoke about the importance of being consistent on your social channels. Sarah specified about posting on instagram and not posting something for the sake of it. If you don’t really like it don’t post it. Posting everyday for a week and disappearing for a week is no good. Nobody wants to follow a blogger who is inconsistent in posting and they don’t know what to expect from you. So be consistent but picky with posting.

Don’t Be Afraid Reach Out To PR Firms

Sarah spoke to us about being fearless about basically going after what you want. Go ahead and email PR firms but make sure you writing emails specific to that firm and explain why you want to work with them and state the brands you like that they represent. It’s basically a cover letter really, why should they put you in touch with their clients or invite you to their events.

Those are the main things I took from the talk. They seem super simple but things I feel I need to focus on and will be cracking on with building my blog and online brand.

I just want to say a huge thank you again to Sabrina and Sarah for an amazing day! Sabrina for putting together such a wonderful day, and getting us all together.

Sarah, I have followed for years  and really admired as a blogger and business woman. Thank you for taking the time on your Sunday to come in and help us, and hope to meet you again soon.

Scroll down for some photos of the day.

Sersh X

Jumper: Primark

Skirt: Zara

Lace Slipe: Primark

Boots: Office

Sunglasses: Sienna Alexander ( Sersh20 for 20% off Sitewide)

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