Turning 28 & What I’ve Learned So Far

Another year older and… I guess a little bit wiser. Lots has happened this year for me. I moved home to Ireland after almost 8 years away in London, I started playing polo again and trying to build my online presence and business.

So here’s what I learned, oh and a little fashion at the bottom just because.

Take The Leap, She Who Hesitates Is Lost

This year, since moving home I have been making a conscious effort to just DO IT! It’s easy to get scared and not do something out of your comfort zone, but once you step out and leap! You’ll feel all the better and more accomplished.

Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken

One of my Dads favorite sayings! When I was 16 and dressing and acting like literally every girl in my year I would roll my eyes and think LAME. Now all grown up and happy doing me! Wear what you want and do what you want, don’t give a crap about what people think or say!


Once of my biggest regrets when I was a bit younger was not travelling more! I know I’m not old but I wanted to go to Argentina to play polo when I was 18 after school and Dad had championed the idea and would have paid for it… I didn’t get my shit together in time and missed it! So now I am older and taking all the chance I can to travel (as far as my bank balance allows).

No Negative Energy Allowed

It is so important to me to spend time with good friends and family that love and genuinely care about me. I make a conscious effort to be around good people that make me happy and laugh until I have tears in my eyes! That’s the energy I need around me.

Try Out New Things

This can vary from a hobby to work. My 20s has been amazing so far, I have worked in various jobs and industries and learnt so much from all of them, different in each way. I always wanted to learn Spanish, so I started a few months ago, ahead of my definite trip to Argentina 2019. I wanted to get into polo again, so I and I cannot tell you how happy it makes me!

Live In The Moment

I know it’s getting super cheesy up in here. When I was younger my best friend Emily and I would be sitting on holiday in Spain wishing we were on our New Year ski trip, and her Dad kept saying, GIRLS! Stop wishing your lives away and enjoy the sun. Bang here I am over 10 years later and what I would I give to go back to Spain on 4 weeks holidays on school breaks, no bills to pay! Enjoy the NOW! It will pass us by and we will be looking back wishing we were in that now back then. (confusing enough?)

Do Not Settle

This is a big one for me. Be it in relationships or career wise! Do not settle for just anything, if you want that promotion or the job you think you’r under-qualified for, GO FOR IT! What have you got to lose? Same going with relationships but to be honest coming from someone single I can’t really give much advice. I had my heartbroken and it is tough to get back up but again, but you have to take risks to get what and who you want.

Good Manners and Attitude Are a Must

This will get you a long long way in life I’ll tell you that. I am so thankful my parents were strict with me growing up about having manners. Without good manners and good attitude quite simply, people won’t like having you around! So be good!

There you have my main life lessons that are very important to me! Enjoy the look below.

Sersh x

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